TheThingoid finds the best kitchen gadgets on the web for you


Spill stopper

Making pastas and having to deal with spill out water, the eternal challenge of all mankind. This era is over [...]


Guitar keys

Open the door to your rocking world with these awesome guitar keys. You sure won’t lose time trying to pick [...]


Dopper Bottle

Wanna change the world ? It is not as hard as it sounds. You can begin your journey by getting [...]


Pylamitten kitchen gloves

Slip the pair of “mittens” on and then just clasp the hot plate or dish. The rungs will mean that [...]


Bacon bowl

Everybody loves bacon! The sizzle, the scent, the mouth-watering taste. Eggs and hash browns for breakfast? It’s better in a [...]


Bamboo chopping board

Chop chop. It’s time to take food preparation to the next level. Mocubo is a bamboo cutting board with three [...]


Hexagonal plate

These hexagonal plates defies the laws of science and are a real piece of design art. Three hexagons are attached [...]


Daili Llama mug

This Dali Llama mug by the Unemployed Philosophers Guild offers a llama with a mark Dali Salvador mustache. A half [...]


Airport tag pillow

These airport tag pillow may be my favorite. Inspired on the IATA codes, the three-letter code designate the most famous [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Moby Pick

Moby pick party

The kipik toothpick holder was great but he was feeling lonely. The moby pick party will make a great companion [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Mug Tail


To make a cup of tea or coffee delicious requires making this moment delicious as well. Lie down in your [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Flavor Bottle

Flavor infuser water bottle

Is water getting a little boring? The Flavor-It Water Bottle lets you add a fruity splash by flavoring it with [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Boo Cubes

Boo cubes

Can you feel it? That sudden chill from the beyond? Don’t be scared of them, it’s only the spirits who [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Luchador Bottle Opener

Luchador Bottle Opener

Lucha libre is name of the traditional wrestling in Mexico. Luchador are those men, wearing these colorful masks that symbolize [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Tagg

Tagg the pet tracker

Today, we present you tagg the pet tracker. Pets like dogs and cat can be cunning and sometimes they run [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Happy Cherry Pitter

Cherry pitter

Sometimes when we eat cherries we forgot that there’s a pit in it. And when this is the case you [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Time Bomb

Time bomb kitchen timer

Cooking well is also a matter of time. To make a perfect cake you have to let it bake in [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Molecular Mixology

Molecular mixology

Enough with the boring gifts! Check out this amazing molecular mixology. People will be crazy about that. Molecular mixology is [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Erlen Glass Pitcher

Erlen glass pitcher

Are you a scientist deep inside your heart? Are you the guy who loved to mix things up to see [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Cow Udder Creamer

Cow udder creamer

Fresh milk at breakfast for your cereals, coffee or tea is not a dream. This cow udder creamer will deliver [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal

Moving tail kitty car decal

Here’s a fact:  dogs wag their tails when they’re happy and cats wag their tails when they’re pissed. Cats also [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Marinade Injector

Marinade injector

Cook the best meat in no time. The marinade injector allows you to inject great flavor directly into your meat. [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Nutcracker

Normann Nutcracker

The normann nutcracker has reinvented the traditional and boring nutcracker. Say goodbye to the annoying pain in the fingers with [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Box Appetit

Box appetit lunch box

A revolution is at your door. The box appetite lunch box will solve all your problems. Well almost all of [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Rice Cube

Rice cube

Sushi are probably one of the best things to eat humankind has created. Unfortunately the price comes with the quality. [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Cocktail Mixer Set

Cocktail mixing set

This time nothing new neither fancy. I just wanted to remind how cool a cocktail mixing set could be as [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Octeapus


You may have noticed that we love tea infusers. Well this is not over. We’ve found another one you which [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Yamazaki

Yamazaki 5piece placesetting

The Yamazaki Gone Fishin’ flatware has a distinctive design that combines whimsical humor with fluid grace. Each fish-inspired utensil has [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Bake Shape

Bake shapes

Are you a bit of a designer and a baker at the same time? Well you’re gonna love this. It [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Skyplanter


The skyplanter is a real piece of art. Your kitchen is too small to get a plant ? You don’t [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Get Shit Done

Get shit done coffee mug

Whether you’re a procrastinating person or not, this mug is the perfect motivating artefact to make you Get Shit Done [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Sandwich Sponge

Sandwich sponge

Are you a real fun person or are pretending to be one ? If you really are, there’s no chance [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Thirst Aid Rehydradation Pack

Thirst aid rehydration pack

Being a vampire is not for everyone, but sometimes you just don’t have a choice. Living at night, avoiding garlic, [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Pastasaurus


Are you an omnomnomnivore ? If you don’t know what is this, let me describe it to you. If you [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Monkey Peeler

Monkey peeler

The new Monkey peeler redefines fun in the kitchen. Boston Warehouse has created their new Animal House must-have product. Don’t [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Champagne Glass

Inside out champagne glass

Drinking champagne is not something we do everyday, well we’re not supposed to. Given its price, you cannot drink it [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Biscuit Platter Board

Biscuit platter board

There isn’t many things to say about this chopping board. I’m just kidding, it wouldn’t be on TheThingoid if it [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Four Person Beach Mat

Four person beach mat

Everybody love going to the beach, lying on the sand, tanning under the sun rays. And it’s always nicer to [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Nibbles Green

Cable keeps

Iphones, Ipods and Ipads are great stuff. But they have a pretty annoying drawback, the batteries are dead in no [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Herb Scissors

Herb scissors

The herb scissors allows you to quickly chop, slide and mince all your favorite fresh herbs. Actually, you can use [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Moustache Corkscrew

Moustache corkscrew

Be ready for the Movember with this Moustache corkscrew. Let yourself be trendy and get this. Designed like a moustache [...]

The Thingoid Kitchen Gadgets Outlet Stickers

Sticker outlet

Give your outlets an electric personality with these whimsical stickers. Make some little Mrs and Mr outlets or some Mo’ [...]